Read a press release about PANMODERN ! Mark Bloch's upcoming exhibition at New York University here.


Other Mark Bloch Visual Artwork

Learn more about Mark Bloch's Cavellini Festival at the Museum of Modern Art, Whitebox Art Center, Lynch Tham Gallery and Katz's Deli, November 14-16, 2014 in New York City.

Read a review of Mark Bloch's Cavellini Festival in Whitehot Magazine.

cavellini sticker

Read all about Mark Bloch's Secrets of the Ancient 20th Century Gamers exhibition at the Emily Harvey Foundation.

Download a PDF of Mark Bloch's Graphic Artwork for (large file- make take a while)

Read Several news articles written for in PDF form by Mark Bloch (large file- make take a while)

Mark Bloch Multimedia and Performance Art


Early Cyber-space and Communication art by Mark Bloch

Mark Bloch Art Theory

  • Proud Mary and the Internal Network- how anything innovative gets eaten by the big Pop Culture Machine.
  • Bloch's theory of the The Art of Storàge.
  • Download issue #52 of my magazine Panmag (559 K) which is all about my theory of The Art of Storàge.
  • Read about giving the art word to the art world: The Word Strike.
  • Information on Mark Bloch, Ray Johnson, Carlo Pittore, Bern Porter, Mail Art, other quaint Avant Garde artforms of the 20th Century and the PANMODERN era
  • My Blog- The Panmodern Feedback Loop with information on Fluxus, Diffusion of innovation theory, Mail Art, other quaint Avant Garde artforms of the 20th Century and the PANMODERN era.

Mail art, Correspondence art, Communication art by Mark Bloch

The Ugly Truth About Neoism by Mark Bloch

Ray Johnson (1927-1995) by Mark Bloch

Bern Porter (1911-2004) and Carlo Pittore (1943-2005) by Mark Bloch

Mark Bloch Reviews and Writings About Art

Mark Bloch Writings About Art in Whitehot Magazine

Writings About Art in the Brooklyn Rail

Robert Delford Brown (1930-2009) by Mark Bloch

Tributes to other remarkable artists you should know about by Mark Bloch

  • Remembering Peggy Dye (1943-2007), an important and powerful African-American writer and activist.
  • Remembering Tom Little (1955-2006), a wonderful painter and master printmaker.
  • Art by The Chief- An envelope by Dennis Miller
  • St. Simeon Stylites- I found this text after it was decided to name my son Simon.

Music by Mark Bloch

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