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  September 2008
Mark Bloch
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Hi. Now that Fall is upon us, I wanted to tell you about a gallery event where I have been asked to perform Saturday, September 20. The event is from 2 to 4 pm but my contribution will consist of two short readings. I also wanted to recap the eventful summer of 2008 below.

If you can, please come see the following brief performance Saturday, September 20th at Chashama ABC Gallery on Avenue C near 10th Street in the fabled Alphabet City zone of the East Village, Manhattan. New York City, USA.

Mark Bloch Event at Shashama: Two Short Talks
Fresh from his show in Wilmington, N.C., Robert Delford Brown is in town and created an installation in a show called CONTRANYM that has been curated by Kelly Kivland, Alisoun Meehan, Christopher Stackhouse at Chashama 169 Ave. C & 10th Street. Saturday, Brown has decided to organize "an explosion in an information factory" and so he is doing a reading of his recent United States Of China manifesto there and has asked me to participate.

In addition to revealing my Theory of Msiaism (part of my panmodern, contranymic, palindromic field theory of art that includes StorÓge and  the Word Strike, a response to the economic turmoil of the late 1980s, a timely reminder of how out of control art markets can be corrected as a matter of taxonomy), I will be giving a short talk on Mr. Delford Brown, and his relation in my psyche to a collaboration I once had the honor of doing with John Cage (represented in this show "Contranym" with a beautiful chance-created, score-inspiring work of art) and other Fluxus-Happenings related 1960s influences including the origins of the quote "30 seconds Ray Johnson; 30 seconds Ray Johnson" by Nam June Paik, uttered cryptically  to me in 1995.
Please read on and please write to me to inquire about anything mentioned here and ESPCIALLY to order a copy of the catalog of the Robert Delford Brown show at the Cameron Museum of Art, "Meat, Maps and Militant Metaphysics", which you can read about below.

Robert Delfod Brown at the Cameron Art Museum 
Mark Bloch was guest curator of Robert Delford Brown: Meat, Maps and Militant Metaphysics at the Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington, North Carolina
Meat, Maps and Militant Metaphysics
The Cameron Museum of Art
Deborah Velders, Director
March 28 - September 28, 2008
Exhibition extended to September 28!

"ROBERT DELFORD BROWN: Meat, Maps and Militant Metaphysics is the artist's first museum exhibition following an active career of 50 years. A catalogue accompanies the exhibition, designed and authored by artist-writer Mark Bloch, (NYC) who served as the exhibition's guest curator.

Brown has remained in the vanguard of art since his arrival in New York in 1959, participating in Performance Art, Fluxus, Pop Art, Happenings and Correspondence art movements while formulating his own, unique creative vision. His work of the early 1960's had a great impact at the time, forecasting the work of contemporary artists. Throughout his early career, Brown encountered, communicated and collaborated with notable avant garde artists, including Nam June Paik, Joseph Beuys, Wolf Vostell, Allan Kaprow, Ray Johnson, Joseph Cornell, Marcel Duchamp, Jim Dine, Claes Oldenburg and others.

Order of a copy of the catalog from me here or at the Cameron Museum of Art.
Mapping Correspondence Exhibition at the Center for Book Arts New York City
Mapping Correspondence Show 
I interacted extensively with the mail art show "Mapping Correspondence" throughout its run--appearing in the show itself in the Historical Section with a sheet of my Yoko Ono and John Lennon artist postage stamps. But before I realized that I was included in the show, I created a webpage on my own site compiled from responses to an email I sent out and created an issue of my zine Panmag that created a little stir at the accompanying panel discussion. I then  wrote about the show and the panel discussion (about correspondence art history) in Judith Hoffberg's Umbrella Online. (I recommend supporting and getting a membership to Umbrella if you don't have one already. It is one of the most important and  essential chronicals of the book art scene and the secret world of performance, zines, mail art, Fluxus and related ephemera.) Given my many opinions on the matter, editor Hoffberg invited me to review the show and more prececisely, the panel discussion that took place during the show's run. I also subsequently videotaped the show for my TV program Panscan TV. It is a work in progress.

Center for Book Arts: "This exhibition invited artists, who in turn invited additional participants, to submit work via the postal service, creating a network of communication that reflects the complex and varied meaning of the book, mapping, and social networking in the 21st century."
My art at Exit Art: It Ain't Easy Show 
"Bloch Is Here" in which I painted myself red in 1979, was turned in a work of "green" art for Exit Art's It's Not Easy Exhibition curated by Herb Tam and Lauren Rosati.
My work was included in the recent IT'S NOT EASY show at Exit Art curated by Herb Tam and Lauren Rosati. From the EXIT ART web site:  "It's Not Easy" is an exhibition inspired by the recent tidal wave of efforts to go "green".As new buildings seek LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, as major corporations seek to "green" their practices, and as global warming puts the need to be green at the forefront, we are virtually inundated with social pressures to be environmentally sustainable. But how is the word 'green' really interpreted?

Exit Art asked that question to artists, activists and the general public to solicit their personal responses through email.
It's Not Easy explores the multiplicity of cultural, environmental and political meanings of GREEN.

It's Not Easy is the second exhibition of SEA (Social Environmental Aesthetics), a major new exhibition program and archive initiative in Exit Underground that presents social and environmental issues and the way artists respond to them. SEA will occupy a permanent space in Exit Underground. The SEA Archive will be a permanent archive of information, images and videos that will be a searchable database for scholars and researchers. Central to the mission of SEA is to provide a vehicle through which the public can be made aware of this kind of work, to provide a forum for collaboration between artists and ecologists and to inspire them to continue the tradition of work that SEA presents.
send show: portland maine
Thanks to the Carlo Pittore Foundation, on July 10, 2008 I was honored to partipate "virtually" in a panel discussion on the theory of communications at the Maine College of Art's Institute of Contemporary Art that was organized by Linda Lambertson in conjunction with their exhibition Send: Conversations in Evolving Media. "Send" featured the work of the late Carlo Pittore (in a display of correspondance between he and the late great Bern Porter) and I spoke about his work and the role of communications in the world of mail art among other topics.
Finally, I also have been doing a lot of writing-- including this article in White Hot Magazine on the very extensive Jack Kerouac show at the New York Public Library.  White Hot Magazine is an online zine that is going great guns where I have written several pieces in the past on various topics. You can search for my name and picture in the New York section and see those articles including one on Wallace Berman, one on Zen painting and an interview with Robert Delford Brown about the New York art scene in the 1950s.

And of course speaking of writing, the catalog for the Robert Delford Brown show, published by the Cameron Museum of Art is available if you write to me at The cover price is $38 but for you I can make it  $35 including postage so please drop me a line and request a copy and I will get one out to you. I designed and edited it and did quite a bit of writing on the fascinating world of R.D. Brown who did his first Happening in 1964 abd has been making art ever since. The book is jam packed full of interesting documents and historic never-before-seen photographs--156 pages, full color with contributions from the likes of Walter Hopps, Emmett Williams, Allan Kaprow, Hermann Nitsch, V. Vale of RE/Search publications, Peter Frank, A.D. Coleman, Richard Kostelanetz and others.
The performance at Chashama on Saturday was organized by and will also feature Robert Delford Brown who is visiting New York so stop by and look at his installation and watch him perform "An Explosion in an Information Factory."
This is an experimental issue of my zine Panmag. I have decided to try an email delivery system. If you are interested in giving me feedback on it, please do. Thanks.

This "mass-produced" email is coming to you from a special account I use only occasionally for art-related matters Please forgive me if you don't wish to receive it. Let me know. My personal email where I can always be reached is
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