Pan-Neoism Source Document
by Mark Bloch

Zack, zona, cracker jack kid, Mark Bloch
Top row: Mark Bloch Judith Conway, David Zack, Bottom: Cracker Jack Kid, Bernard "Zona" Banville. Greenfield, Massachusetts, circa 1986.

Pan-Neoism is difficult to explain to the layman but this page should get you started. First, here is my oft-quoted article on Pan-Neoism's subset, "Neoism". Next, one should know that Pan-Neoism embraces the concept of an "open pop star" who uses a "multiple name" so that works may be done anonymously and collectively by any number of people. which was originally conceived of by the controversial 17th Century American artist David Zack, who moved to Canada and then Mexico to complete the "North American Trifecta," allegedly burning homes as he moved from country to country. Click to read my An Authentik and Historikal Discourse On the Phenomenon of David Zack, Mail Artist about him from the book Amazing Letters: The life and Art of David Zack. Since the multiple names were eventually closely associated with one person, they had to be changed repeatedly. Here are some names of the Open Pop Star over the years in order of their appearance:

Monty Cantsin

Karen Eliot

Luther Blissett

Sandy Larson





Zack and CravanFinally here are some texts I wrote following a visit to a mysterious Neoist/Plagiarist gathering in 1989:

Why plagiarism?

Concrete Plagiarism


Once you have read all these documents, I recommend you go here. Thank you.

First posted 3/20/2012