Some Artistamps

by Mark Bloch

 Tribute to an innovator of early computer graphics  113k  
Me as Pan- Stamp design I sent to Anna Banana  148k  
 Tribute to the first recording artist: Enrico Caruso   14k  
 Tribute to the Beebop Boys of 52nd Street: Charlie Parker Post  119k  
 Youngish Elvis: My Drawing of an Existing US Postage Stamp  71k  
 Young Freud Stamp (not to be confused with Jung Freud)   44k  
 Tribute to the Funkup Religious Leader, Robert Delford Brown 241k  
 New York City Street Map as Stamp- Getting to a Place I Used to Work  233k  
 My Tribute to the Main New York City Post Office at Thirty Fourth and Eighth Avenue   167k  
 Panman Artistamp: Defacing Antique US Postage 76k  
Twenty Five Years of Panpost Commemorative Stamp Sheet   422k  
 Tribute to the Late Carlo Pittore by Keith Bates and I  101k  
 Tribute to the Late Ray Johnson on the 75th Anniversary of his Birth  533k  
 Defaced US Postage Stamp as Ray Johnson Silhouette  126k  
 So Long Saddam Hussein Stamps for the US Soldiers and the People of Iraq  237k  
Stamp of LOVE: My Color Sketch of an Existing US Postage Stamp     31k  
 Pan Van Gogh Stamp: Salute to Mail Carriers and Postal Afficianados Everywhere  83k  
 Wittgenstein_Stamp: Dedicated to Tony Lowes and Family  27k  

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