Mark Bloch

Secrets of the Ancient
20th Century Gamers

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The Death of Ray Johnson (click to enlarge)


Storąge Museums (click to enlarge) or
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The Sticker of Stickers


Nine Famous Venetians


Everything Right II


Everything Right


Everything Right with Emily Harvey Silkscreen


Erased John Cage Floppy Disk




Duchamp-ware (detail)


Correspondence 1985-1987


Correspondence 1987-1989


Panmag magazine rack (click to enlarge)


Heart and Technology chart 5


Heart and Technology chart 4


Heart and Technology chart 3


Heart and Technology chart 2


Heart and Technology chart 1


Nince Famous Venetians T shirts


Mark Bloch

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Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery

537 Broadway at Spring Street

2nd floor

NY NY 10012

212 925 7651


March 18- April 2, 2010

New York City



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