One World Kids

100 Grade School Students From Manhattan's Lower East Side Create Mail Art

From the show:

"The Public School 97 portion of The One World Show was organized by Amy Scarola. P.S. 97 is a neighborhood elementary school located nearby at Houston Street and the FDR Drive. It is part of the New York City Public School system.

How do we teach kids about peace? Perhaps best by letting them teach us. Art is needed in the schools of our city, state, country and world because it helps kids express their humanity. Please enjoy the messages of hope shared by the ethnically diverse 2nd through 5th graders of P.S. 97. Over 100 kids are represented here.

Thank you to the educators: Kim Brown (401/404), Jorge Gonzales (3/4-503), Carole Hordon (3/4-306), Carolyn Lambert (502), Marjorie Levine (5-406), Beryl Murriell (401/404), Amy Scarola (2-304), art teacher Eleanor Bannon, and Louise Burns, Principal.

Postal art is a great way for kids to learn about their world. A mailing list of participants, including the children, will be available by mail after the exhibition closes. Use it with your own kids!

See the artwork:

(Rooms 401/404) Kim Brown & Beryl Murriell's class
(3rd/4th Grades Bilingual: Room 503) Jorge Gonzales' class
(3rd/4th Grades: Room 306) Carole Hordon 's class
(Room 502) Carolyn Lambert's class
(5th Grade-Room406) Marjorie Levine's class
(2nd Grade: Room 304) Amy Scarola's class

See art from high school students in Hightstown, New Jersey.
See an alphabetical listing of mail artists in the show.
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Many thanks to the creative children of P.S. 97:

Right now we are in the process of matching the artwork with the students' names. Please bear with us. Visit again in the future and choose by name not by number. But the work remains the same: powerful! Thanks to all the children!