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Flash presentation on the Balkans I designed


Mark Bloch
Panmodern Productions
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rotating image I was in charge of all geographic maps at, so when breaking news occured, I not only was responsible for getting the right information and the one who converted them into our style but on many occasions I also faced the challenge of creating maps for the first time by cobbling together existing information from many sources because previously these locations were not well documented. This was also in the days before Google maps.
rotating image When the Pope went to Cuba for an historic trip, I made this interactive map tracking his movements day by day. Sadly, the interactivity of most of these graphics was lost when ABC deleted the information from their site a few months after the stories ran.
rotating image Feature story on a large Powerball jackpot.
rotating image This clickable graphic highlighting the strange new features of the U.S. paper money seemed novel at the time since the twenty dollar bill was the first currency to make the transition.
rotating image This interactive map created with the help of reports by CIA personnel predicting the controversy over weapons of mass destruction pre-dated 9-11-01 by several years.
rotating image Special feature on the Internet probably before most people cared about the Internet.
rotating image Clinton China trip coverage with clickable graphic.
rotating image Clinton China trip II. I created a different graphic every day with an article written by a different member of our staff.
rotating image I oversaw the creation of for Kids.
rotating image A favorite graphic of mine was this pop-off about Ernest Hemingway and where and how he wrote certain of his books.

The title page and the result of clicking on #6 is shown.
rotating image Another favorite interactive pop-off of mine was this piece on the restoration of Leonardo's Last Supper which featured closeups of the faces and other visual information cleaned up in the painting.
rotating image won an award for this Special Report on the Balkan Peninsula, created from my concept. I made the interactive maps and helped with some of the text and photographic research.
rotating image A timeline from the award-winning Special Report on the Balkan Peninsula created from my concept of wanting to make this complex region more understandable by depicting it viaually. The former Yugoislavia was erupting at that time.