One World Participants


2014 a Holland Ave
Austin Tx 78704
One beautiful peacegful world full of fruit(s) and fashion

Anna Boschi
via G Tanari n. 1445/B
40024 Castel S. Pietro Terme (Bo)
John Lennon heart

Poesia Visual Festival
Cesar Espinosa
Apdo PO Boix 45-615
CP  06020 Mexico
DF Mexico

Tensetendoned We Absorb
MB Corbett Fluxorcist
PO Box 155
Preston Park PA 18455

Yauoi Yoshitome
Jaroslav Supek

Shozo Shimamoto
voted chairman of the Japan Association of Art and Culture for the Disabled

Judy Gorman:
One World

Anna left work late again
Missed her bus waits in the rain
Twelve hour days that never end
Her fingers always swollen

Bagbby's sleeping when she gfets in
Husbands gone til who knows when
A dollar fifty to swew a dress
Boss says Hand work guaratees success

One World all we have is one world
One world
People more precious thjan gold
One world

Julie sleeps on a wooden board
Rain seeps in through thefloor
She makes microsopic circuit boards
For pocket calculators

Sends her paycheck to her family
Her eyes failing at 23
Its hard to hold on to her dreams
And watch the,mfade away


Rosalinda works the land
Back bent low strong brown hands
Without the rain so little grows
What does is not her own

At night the womwn whisper plans
Own their lives, own their land
Rosalinda knows that roads of change
Are roads of hope and pain
chorus 2x

© 1995 One Sky Music Intl.

Made by Hand
NGO Forum on Women/UN Fourth World Conference

Marjorie K. Kouns
15 Minetta St. #1
NY NY 10012

birger Jesch
Friedhofstrasse 15
99444 Blankenhain

Buralli Patrizio
viaMiccolo Paganini, 15
51100 Pistola

Larry Bloch
161 Hudson St.
New York NY 10013

The Sticker Dude
Ragged Edge Press
102 Fulton St.
Rm 505
NY NY 10038

Mr. Gerard Barbot
Brooklyn NY 11235

La Storia sia mo noi
Nessuno si senta offeso;
siamo noi questo prato di
aghi sotto il cielo
la storia siamo noi...

Cia Garavini
via Rossini 20
Forli Italy

Claudine Barbot
Brooklyn NY 11235

Jaroslav Supek
Happy Gallery
DStudents Cultural Center
Srpskih vladara 48
11000 Beograd

Owen D Smith
Maker One Again
earth in plastic bag

Pamela J. Chadick
2655 Arnold Ave
Monument CO 80132
plastic piece

c/o Gargoyle Mechanic Lab
PO Box 1318
Cooper Stn.
NY NY 10276

Ryosuke Cohen
Brain Cell
Moriguchi City Osaka
570 Japan

Barbara Rosenthal
727 Ave Americas
NY NY 10010

Giovanni Strada
CP 271
Ravenna Italy

Sasha M. White
286 State St. #9
Portland ME 04101
little postcard

Harold Kaplan
Geodezicheskaja 4-74
Novosibirsk - 73
weaving card

Catherine Kitsy Stine

Retablo Str. no 1-40 C
28921 Alcorcon
Madrid Spain
La Angustia de la Abundancia

Wm S Stipe
E2655 Benrud Lane
Eau Claire WI 54701-8509

Ivan Preissler
Elisky Premysolvny 382
156 00 Praha 5 Zbraslav
Czech Republic

sophia matinou
9 Terpsichoris St.
15 562 Holargos

Bob Brown

Bryan Harrison
153 Hamilton Rd.
Tinton Falls NJ 07724

oil and birds don't mix
Ever Arts
Dr. W. 28\4317 AB Noordgouwe

No Fi
PO Box 441314\Detroit MI 48244

Ed Plunkett
303 E 765th St.
New York NY 10021-2405

Adam Purple
John Peter Zenger

759 President St. #2H
Brooklyn NY 11215

John Evans
199 E 3rd St.
New York NY 10009

John Held

a1 Waste Paper Co. Ltd
71 Lambeth Walk
London SE11

Carole Sanchez Sauter
PO Box 1317
Maple VValley WA
UN bird piece

Pigeon of Peace
Juan Manuel AlvarezCebriau
c/ Aloudra no. 13 2•izda
28025 Madrid Spain

Robert C Morgan
145 Fourth Ave.
New York NY 10003

Alberto Rizzi
Sorry but I hold UN in very low esteem: Seeing how things are moving in ex-Yugoslavia(and what happened in Somalia and Kuwait) I can say that UN is the organ to allow world control to five or six well-known countries. I think there's no need to celebrate such a situation.

Clemente Padin
CC Central 1211
11000 Montevideo

Vittore Baroni
Via C Battisi 339
55049 Viareggio
LU Italy

Budapest 23
pf 52

Henning Mittendorf

collage linoleum engraving photo painting of oil on canvas
 Hilda Fuchs
Herman Cortes 17-3• B
28004 Madrid

Wahyuni Rizkiana Kamah
Jl. Plaangan Lama 2/20
004/03 Jakarta 13230

One World Silent
The world keeps silent
When the slaughters happen

The world remains silent
When the bloods bathe the earth

The world no longer hears
trhew dfcry of the sufferers

The world no longer sees
the ashes of dead bodies

Silent is everywhere
mmmm,  all things are silent

The Silent Smile that speaks the language of joy!
Swami Nirmalananda
Viswa Shanti Nikethana
BR Hills 571 441
Karnataka India

Justin DiCosola
New York NY

Karten Kaplan
4604 A Scotts Valley Dr.
Scotts Valley CA 95066
Gustav Mahler and other postcards

Carlo Pittore
PO Box 182
Bowdoinham ME 04008-0182

The Regency Plaza
7940 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90046

Dao Badao Pulblishers
Case 54
CH 1000 Lausanne 22
(mailed from Myanmar)(Burma)

Turk Le Clair

PO Box 314
San Gabriel CA 91778-0314

Yarrow E and DNA Ulehman
810 O Leary Rd. NW
Olympia WA 98502

Susan Correa
721 5th Avenue
NY NY 10022

Yossi Lemel
C/o D Batelt
117 Woodburn Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27605

Jordi Sole'
Redding 15 2n 2a
43001 Tarragona

envelope w head in b and w
claudia del rio
Warnes 1374
2000 Rosario

envelope w black and white people
"pledge to all the missing people of this earth"color xeroxes inside-- "earthtribe"
Guido Vermeulen
PO Box 243

Peter Fuchs
Bandgasse 32/29
1070 Wien

Janea Moksness
PO Box 774
Soquel CA 95703
Mayan Man with Tun Bird Limestone Releif Sculpture postcard

Matty Jankowski
postcard new art for a dangerous age
NY Body Archive
#9 9ave.
NY NY 10014

Information Sickness
PO Box 4248
Berkeley CA 94704

Anne Sargeant Wooster

Mike Dyar
Burn this paper for world Self Awareness

Jeff Bagfato
PO Box 2482
Merrifield VA 22116

Emilio Morandio
Via S. Bernadino 88
24028 Ponte Nossa
Bergamo Italy

Gorey Laurie
6226 Alta Ave
Whittier CA 90601
People before Profits

Ruggero Maggi

the scream
Buster Cleveland
Art for Um
24-03 44th Dr. LIC NY11101

assisted UN stamp sheet
Patricia Taverner
PO Box 11032
Oakland CA 94611

Bonnie Sohn
2463 W. Gunnison
Chivago IL 60625-2898
envelope w chinese stamp

Luce Fierens and Annina
Grote Nieuwedfdijkstraat 411
B-2800 M3echelen
stamps and letter

Judith Hoffberg
PO Box 3640
Santra Monica CA 90408

Anna Guillemot
PO Box 9265
Portland OR 97207
postcard w int'l stamps

Tiziana Baracchi
via Cavallotti, 83-B
30171 Venezia-Mestre
john lennon postcard

arto posto stampworks
199 14th St. NE
Apt. 2505
Atlanta GA 30309-3691
child abuse stamps

EF Higgins
153 LudlowSt. Apt. 6
New York NY 10002-2229

Akoma Beaman
PO Box 78
Scottdale GA 30079
One World United and Loved Postcard
I would love to see you hear you feel your touch

Terra Candella
Box 2219
Guerneville CA 95446-2219

Nan Ezzo

Rémy Pénard
7, rue Colonel Imfeld
87100 Limoges

Ficus s. 960514
Rt. 6 Box 138
Charleston, WV 25311
visual poetry

Pilar Varela
Emilio Coll, 22 ch 31
28224 Madrid

Geoffrey Cook
PO Box 4233
Berkeley CA 94704
And this fucking fool trying to make a meaningful sentence out of history

Shigeru Tamaru
500 Kita-Amagasaki Fushimi
Kyoto Japan
shadow postcard

Amy Scarola
9 e 3rd St. #3a
NY 10003

La Toanvinh
4400 Linton #6
Montreal Quebec h3s 1t6
photos of 3rd worlkd ghetto scenes
Mail Art is the Universal Communication
A minute of Silence for Ray Johnson

Tom Warren
15 Stanton St 4a
New York NY 10002

Isabel Jover
Casanova 57,7•, 8•
08011 Barcelona


Visual Poetry International Archive
Avelino de Araaujo
R. Serido 486/1106
Natal-RN 59020-010

Martine Savard
4630 Hotel de Ville
Montreal Quebec
h2t 2B1 Cananda

Matt Schoenberg

Het Hoogt 38
1025 HA Amsterdam

Andrej Tisma
21000 Novi Sad
Modene 1
Serbia UN's Concentration Camp
Serbian Pacifist Power

Svjetlana Mimica
Marina Getaldicha 5
24000 Split
war stamps

cynthia Sillitoe
935 W. Broadway #1097
Mesa Arizona 85210
Peace flag postcard

Alfiom Fiorentino
via L. Bissolati
n. 22
30172 Mestre- VE \
Poetry's Tree for Peace 1995

David Grossack
62 Central Ave.
Hull, MA 02045
abstract color xerox prints

Victor Stabin
212 243 7688
Digital Age postcards

Ms. Willie Marlowe
7 Euclid Ave
Albany NY 12203

Joy Mc Manus
1104 A Sycamore
Commerce TX 75428

100% erotico
Asociancion Artistica Amuna Duse (12)
Apdo. de Correos 4.033
50.002 Zaragoza

I'm proud to be a white person
Birger Jesch
c/o Joseph Huber
Gœhrenser Str. 13

R Flemming?
husband of writer

A Wing Artwall
Louise Millman
PO Box 756
Northport NY11768