The Thomas D. Little Prize for Excellence in Printmaking


Dear Fellow Artists and Friends of Thomas Little,

We all remember Tom as an intense and generous individual who shared memorable times with all of us.  We were fortunate to have known him and still feel a great loss since his sudden death in July 2006.

As an art professor at Kent State University, I witnessed Tom as a vibrant teacher: He had a true gift for engaging students and inspiring them.  I saw this happen in the KSU print studio, when he spoke or demonstrated printing with the students, and also at Brand X, where he welcomed our students on field trips to New York City.  His finely-honed abilities also helped to produce many outstanding print editions for some of the most significant artists of our time.

Tom had an exceptionally keen eye for color relationships and a sure grasp of the sequence of processes to produce a vivid, visually arresting print.  He shared this knowledge with other artists and students in a generous, animated and helpful way.

Tom spoke highly of his experiences as an art student at Kent State University and, later in life, came back to the school to give memorable demonstrations and instruction to our students.  We, at the KSU School of Art, still appreciate the time he spent in our printmaking department.  His passion for the art and his mentoring abilities inspired many of our graduates.  We believe that one of the greatest ways we can honor Tom - - his dazzling energy, his love for education, his master skills - - is to establish a prize in his name at Kent State University.  

With your help, we plan to raise at least $50,000 to be set aside to permanently endow an annual $2500 prize for a talented School of Art student who shows potential in the field of printmaking.  The Thomas D. Little Prize for Excellence in Printmaking will be awarded to a student by faculty portfolio review every year, and since the prize will be funded from endowment interest, it will self-perpetuate for decades to come. Donations are fully tax deductible. 

To raise additional funds for the Thomas D. Little Prize, the School of Art is organizing an auction of works to take place on Saturday, April 26th, 2008, at the school’s Downtown Gallery in Kent, in conjunction with an exhibition of Tom’s own artwork. Bids will be taken online as well as at the event.  We've received many donations of work.  We want to maximize this opportunity and are asking you to consider making a donation.

I strongly believe that your contribution to establish this gift will build a lasting legacy in memory of Thomas Little - - artist, inspiring teacher, and dear friend.  He truly dedicated most of his life and energy to the art of printmaking.


Michael Loderstedt
Associate Professor of Printmaking
School of Art, Kent State University
Kent, Ohio 44242

If you are interested in contributing to this valuable effort, please contact Dr. Christine Havice, Director, School of Art at (330) 672 - 2192 or chavice<a>