Fresh Air

Fresh Air was a cool alternative show on the radio in Kent, Ohio in the 1970s. WKSU-FM was an NPR affiliate on the campus of Kent State University. It still is. There was a lot of great programming on that station. I did The Morning Show on the weekends. Exploration Jazz, which played stuff like Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry and Cecil Taylor. Really crazy stuff. There were other jazz shows less wild but that was the one I did. And then Fresh Air was this show on every night from 11 to dawn. There is a whole site about Fresh Air here. We played fantastic music. Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Eno. Soft Machine. Gentle Giant. Van Der Graf Generator. All kinds of experimental stuff. This was in the late 70s. It was called progressive music. Still is.

Fresh Air WHAT IS IT is a documentary I made about the show. It tells part of the story. It is an MP3 in 4 parts.

By the way, we called our show Fresh Air before the Terry Gross show came along on NPR. Enjoy!

Thanks to Jeff Wooton and all the Fresh Air people.

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